The shocking story of Kendra Licari’s online abuse of her daughter plays out in Lifetime’s Mommy Meanest. Licari, a kids’ basketball coach, reportedly sent thousands of ‘demeaning and demoralizing’ messages to her daughter and her boyfriend. She concealed her IP address using a VPN and disguised some of the messages to look like they came from the victims’ phones. 

Kendra Licari is serving a minimum of 19 months in prison

Licari’s attempts to mislead investigators worked for over a year. She was exposed as the source of the harassment after the FBI joined the investigation. Licari confessed after her arrest and was charged with two counts of stalking a minor, two counts of using a computer to commit a crime, and one count of obstruction.

County Prosecutor David Barberi dropped three charges after Licari pleaded guilty to two counts of stalking a minor. In doing so, she avoided a jury trial, which shielded the victims from further torment and blocked the release of the 349 pages of evidence submitted. 

Though the court and prosecutors kept the contents of the messages private, they described them as ‘hateful’ and disturbing. “I can’t imagine any parent saying such horrible things to her own daughter,” Judge Mark Duthie said. “You’ve earned a prison sentence,” the judge added, sentencing Licari to 19 months to five years in prison. 

Kendra Licari is serving her sentence at Women’s Huron Valley Correctional Facility. She’ll qualify for parole in early November 2024. Licari apologized during her sentencing and revealed she is getting help for her trauma and mental illness. “Prison is a good start,” Jill McKenny, the victim’s mother, told 9 And 10 News. “Give her some time to think about what she did. Time away from her daughter and everybody else.”