Married at First Sight is an ambitious television show that brings together two strangers to get married on their first meeting. The couples are selected by a panel of experts that study people’s compatibility based on interests, religion, background, and many more factors.

After the couple gets married, they spent eight weeks together before deciding whether they want to stay together or get a divorce. This experiment has failed on some occasions, but it has proved to be successful in many others.

This piece will look at the status of Iris Caldwell and Keith Manley’s relationship. They were contestants on season 9 of the show.

Keith’s decision to divorce Iris on Decision Day took her and most fans by surprise

Keith and Iris wedding

Keith and Iris looked like the perfect couple from the first time they met. They had an incredible first meeting, and they established an immediate bond based on shared beliefs. Keith worked as a life coach while Iris worked as a non-profit program coordinator. They were both religious and spiritual people who believed in God, children, and family. Keith and Iris looked like a match made in heaven.

The couple also had a smooth honeymoon. They continued to live in harmony after getting back home, and they supported each other in times of difficulty. Iris played an instrumental role in helping Keith heal from the tragic death of his grandmother.

In many ways, Keith and Iris were the perfect match. Iris’s bubbly personality complimented Keith’s humble and laid-back persona. The only issue they had was intimacy. Iris was a virgin and had committed to saving herself for her husband. Keith claimed to be comfortable with Iris’s decision, but it was clear that Iris’s virginity troubled him.

However, fans didn’t expect the virginity issue to change the outcome on decision day. It was expected that Keith and Iris would stay together. Iris wanted to remain married to Keith, but Keith chose to divorce her. As much as she tried, Caldwell couldn’t hide the shock on her face as Keith’s decision took her and millions of fans around the globe by surprise.

Iris revealed in an Instagram Live Q&A that Keith hurt her by opting for divorce. “So, for the first phase of our separation, it was really hard y’all,” she said. “Like, I was growing in emotions with this guy and thinking about our future and babies. And to have all the ripped from me was really, really hard…”

Keith revealed that there is no chance that he and Iris are getting back together

Iris and Keith

Two months after Keith’s shocking divorce decision, the couple reunited on Married at First Sight’s reunion special. Iris revealed that she was open to reconciling with Keith if he agreed to go to marriage therapy. Keith, however, stated that there was no chance that he and Iris were getting back together.

Iris revealed in an Instagram Q&A session that she was going to file for divorce. North Carolina law dictates that couples have to wait a year before filing for divorce on no-fault grounds. She explained that she would apply for divorce as soon as the law allowed her to do so.

Keith and Iris appear to have moved on from their failed Married at First Sight experiment. Iris revealed via Instagram that she has grown tremendously since the end of her relationship. “In March, it will be a year since we would’ve gotten married,” she shared. That’s huge to even think about that, so from that time to this time, I have grown tremendously in so many ways. I’m so blessed.”

Iris denied that her sexual immaturity caused the split between her and Keith

Iris Caldwell

“I may not know what it’s like to have sex, [but] I wanted to have sex with you,” Iris told Keith during the reunion. As much as the couple denies that sex caused the split, it’s difficult to ignore the role that sex played in Keith’s decision to divorce.

As decision day neared, cracks started to appear in the couple’s relationship due to lack of intimacy. Iris revealed in an interview on RealityWithBee that she and Keith chose not to be intimate because she felt uncomfortable doing sexual things on camera. She added that she was surprised that Keith referred to her as immature since they’d agreed to keep private matters away from the public.

“I was surprised by continued comments referring to me as an ‘immature’ person because I wanted to keep some things private,” Iris said. However, sex was perceived as something minor that wouldn’t affect the couple’s choice on decision day.

Keith stated on Married at First Sight’s reunion that he ended the relationship because he couldn’t deal with Iris’s emotional immaturity caused by her lack of relationship and sexual experience. However, Iris thought that Keith felt uncomfortable with her virginity. She added that having sex with Keith wouldn’t have changed his decision. Iris said:

“If somebody doesn’t want to be married, somebody just does not want to be married. Ain’t nothing going to change that sweetie.”