The brutal and senseless attack on Kirra Hart has shocked the world and sparked calls for justice. In videos that have gone viral, three girls take turns assaulting and insulting the defenseless Kirra. Menacingly, one of the girls holds a large knife, poking and stabbing Kirra whenever she tries to defend herself. 

Kirra suffered multiple injuries, some of which required surgical intervention. Judging by the videos and Kirra’s wounds, she could have lost her life. Luckily, she survived and should recover physically. However, it’ll take a while before she regains her psychological well-being. This is Kirra’s story. 

Kirra was allegedly kidnapped, beaten, and tortured after her attackers invited her for a sleepover

Kirra Hart was invited by her attackers – people she likely considered friends – for a sleepover at a home in Tewantin, Queensland, Australia. What she doubtless thought was a night of fun with friends turned into a nightmare. 

She was attacked by girls identified as Shanaya Grech, Chloe Denman, and Rhynisha Grech. A petition titled ‘Justice for Kirra Hart’ identified Chloe and Rhynisha as the orchestrators of the plot. 

It’s unclear why Shanaya, Chloe, and Rhynisha attacked Kirra. Nevertheless, they seemed to draw immense pleasure from Kirra’s distress. The petition reads: “They lured her into their home before absolutely torturing her for several hours. They punched her, slapped her, and continuously cut and stabbed her with a knife.”

The petition adds that Kirra’s family found her ‘swollen and badly bleeding’. They rushed her to the hospital, where she received medical attention. A photo of Kirra in the hospital shows her hands and face covered in bruises. Her arm is in a cast, suggesting she suffered a broken bone. 

Rhynisha reportedly wrote on her Instagram stories that she didn’t torture Kirra. She stated that she tried to stop Chloe from attacking Kirra and didn’t see the attack on Kirra as she was outside. Rhynisha alleged that she took Kirra to the hospital and apologized to Kirra. 

However, a video she allegedly took after the attack indicates that she participated in the horrifying attack. “Basically just tortured someone,” Rhynisha said. “It’s Kirra, and we’re just like torturing her for at least four hours straight. It was funny as fuck and she like full fucked up. I’ll send you photos of her face.”

A crowdfunding initiative by Kirra’s family has raised thousands of dollars

A GoFundMe initiative started by Kristen, Kirra’s mother, has raised thousands of dollars. At the time of writing, the contributions have exceeded $74,000 Australian Dollars, well clear of the $1,111 target. Kirsten writes:

“Kirra Has been through a lot recently, as I’m sure you’re all aware. She was viciously attacked by 3 people over hours of time, and was placed into hospital for recovery. This has not only been physically traumatizing, but mentally as well.”

Kirsten says the overwhelming monetary and emotional support from people has uplifted Kirra and her family. She writes:

“The ffection alone has been enough to improve her mood and make her feel loved beyond measure. If you do feel like supporting my daughter, it would be very much appreciated, it feels overwhelming so many of have offered and we can’t thank you enough as we have a long road ahead of us.”

Kirra’s alleged attackers have reportedly been charged; angry citizens have taken matters into their own hands

The petition seeking justice for Kirra states that Rhynisha and Chloe ‘received fines and a warning due to their age’. It says that Kirra’s attackers deserve severe punishments:

“When a ‘child’ commits a crime as serious as this, they are no longer a child and do not deserve to be tried as one. These girls deserve adult punishments for an adult criminal offense. These girls need jail time. They made a crime and need adult punishments. There’s no excuse for their behavior and there is no reason to ever torture an innocent girl.”

Some reports claim that authorities have charged Rhynisha, Chloe, and Shanaya with, among others, assault occasioning bodily harm, entering a dwelling and committing an indictable offense, and deprivation of liberty. 

The girls’ actions and posts on social media suggest they have no remorse. A viral video allegedly shows Rhynisha and two girls attacking a girl on a bus shortly after her release on bail. “I don’t apologize for what I did; neither do my girls,” Chloe allegedly wrote on her Instagram stories. “Thanks for the fame.” 

The girls’ apathy and insensitivity, as well as the widespread dissatisfaction with the government’s response to Kirra’s attack, have motivated people to take matters into their own hands. Videos on social media allegedly show people assaulting Kirra’s attackers. 

A clip on an Instagram page titled ‘justice for Kirra Hart’ shows people destroying property at Rhynisha’s address. @Cqramelle tweeted: “14 year old girl tortured for 4 hours straight by her 2 ‘friends’. They lured her into the sleepover and her at knife point. Now people on social media are hunting those girls down.”

JusticeforKirra is trending on Twitter as netizens seek to pressure authorities into imprisoning Rhynisha, Chloe, and Shanaya. @nofacenocase358 tweeted: “These petty girls think they can get away with anything. They need to be locked up now. Justice for Kirra.”