Kim’s Convenience is a Canadian comedy series based on the lives of Asian immigrants living in Toronto. The film is based on the life of the show’s creator Ins Choi. Choi’s family moved from Korea to Toronto when he was very young. 

Choi started writing the show in 2005, and it was made into a film in 2011. It was then adapted into a television show with the same name in 2016. The show has received acclaim because of its comedy and deep storylines for each character.

There are currently three complete seasons of Kim’s Convenience. The fourth season is almost complete, and it should arrive on Netflix soon. This piece will let you in on everything you need to know about Kim’s Convenience season 4.

When will Netflix release Kim’s Convenience season 4?

Kim’s Convenience season 3 came to Netflix a day after the series finale on CBC. We expect season 4 to follow the same schedule.

If the show maintains its current schedule, the last episode of season 4 will air on CBC on 31st March 2020. Therefore, you can expect Kim’s Convenience season 4 on Netflix from 1st April 2020.

What happened in Kim’s Convenience season 3?

kim's convenience

Kim’s Convenience season 3 was as funny as the other two seasons, but it gave more focus to the characters’ storylines than the previous seasons. Jung found himself back at Handy Car Hire after his new job failed. The only problem was that his best friend had been promoted to the Assistant Manager position.

Jung had to find a way to cope with being a worker having been used to a position of power. Kimchee and Jung clashed a lot as a result, but their friendship stood strong in the end. Jung also struggled with his feelings for Shannon. However, Shannon was still a relationship with the cheating Alejandro.

Janet had her fair share of love troubles as well. She got the gig to take photos at her ex-boyfriend’s wedding. Raj, her ex-boyfriend, ended up confessing that he still had feelings for Janet, but Janet rejected his advances. We also saw Janet deal with her annoying roommate and struggle with feminism and religion throughout the season.

Umma and Appa were up to their usual shenanigans. One of the moments of season 3 was when Appa confronted a misogynist at a church bazaar. The confrontation led to a moment of deep reflection for Appa, and he learned that he had to work on his prejudices.

Umma and Appa’s prejudices came to the fore again when they suspected that a Muslim immigrant they’d hired was spreading gossip about them.

What to expect in Kim’s Convenience season 4

Kim’s Convenience will continue to focus on the individual storylines of the characters. We also expect the series to continue highlighting issues that we encounter in modern society.

For instance, we know that Appa will serve a customer who identifies as gender-neutral. Old man Appa will have to adapt to the different pronouns used to address non-cisgender people. The series will also explore the issue of imitating accents.