JJ Da Boss (real name: Jonathan Day) is well known in American street racing circles. JJ has visited racing strips since he was a toddler sitting on his mother’s hip and watching his uncle and dad street race. Eventually, Da Boss rose to become the leader of the Memphis racing family. 

JJ races along and against his crew, including his wife, Tricia. Their lives and races feature on the popular show Street Outlaws. Da Boss prefers to ride in his ’49 Chevy pick-up dubbed Ole Heavy. 

Unfortunately, JJ and Tricia were involved in a nasty accident while filming Street Outlaws: America’s List

JJ was treated for burns on his hands while Tricia underwent hip surgery

Relief engulfed the racing world when Facebook account Deep South Street Racing announced that JJ Da Boss and Tricia were alive and well. JJ suffered burns on his hands and face while Tricia injured her hip. The post reads:

“Update: JJ Da Boss is out of the hospital suffering burns on his hands and his face. Trisha Wayne had hip surgery and she’s in recovery – long road for her. That’s about all I can give y’all.”

The same account delivered the news that JJ and Tricia had crashed while filming America’s List. The post said that Tricia was in the worst condition, so hearing that she’d had successful surgery was a relief. 

“Y’all keep praying for the MSO family. They need it right now,” the message read. “Streetracing is real. Guys just like JJ says ‘tonight you could die’ and he means it. So be careful too all y’all street racers.”

It’s unclear what happened, but one commenter on Street Outlaws No Prep Talk YouTube video stated that JJ lost control of his vehicle after it caught fire. He then hit Tricia, forcing the Chevy Ziptie into a row of parked cars. The other racing car, The Hummingbird, rolled over. 

It’s unclear who was driving which car. However, the injuries sustained by Tricia suggest that she was driving the Hummingbird.

This isn’t the first time JJ has walked away from a crash relatively unscathed. In 2017, JJ fell asleep behind the wheel of a truck hauling his cars to Arkansas. The truck hit a concrete culvert on the highway at over 50 mph. 

JJ suffered a broken hand, rib injuries, and several cuts and bruises. His cars, however, suffered extensive damage as they rolled into a ditch.