Jim Acosta is the chief White House correspondent for CNN. Acosta is known for being a fearless reporter and one of President Donald Trump’s main antagonists. His feud with President Trump started during the President’s first press conference in 2017 when he refused to take questions from Acosta.

President Trump’s coined the term ‘Fake News’ at the height of his feud with Acosta. In November 2018, the administration suspended Jim’s access to the White House, but CNN got him reinstated. Acosta’s book, Enemy of the People, details his trials as a reporter during Trump’s presidency.

This piece will look at Acosta’s ex-wife and children and his family’s roots. We can confirm that Acosta isn’t married. 

Jim and his ex-wife Sharon Mobley Stow divorced after 24 years of marriage

Jim and Sharon met during their time at James Madison University in Virginia. They dated for a while before getting married in a private ceremony in 1994.

Over the course of their marriage, Jim and Sharon had a son and two daughters. In July 2017, Acosta and Stow quietly filed for divorce.

A subsequent report by Page Six suggested that Jim was enjoying being single. A source speaking to the publication said, “A friend lives in his building and [has seen] him with different women.”

Jim hasn’t been in another public relationship since his split from Sharon.

Acosta’s dad fled from Cuba when he was 11 year old and settled in Virginia

Jim Acosta

Jim Acosta was born on 17th April 1971 to a Cuban dad and a mother of Irish and Czech ancestry. Acosta’s dad fled from Cuba when he was 11 years and settled in Virginia. 

After President Obama loosed restrictions on Cuban-American travel, Jim embarked on a mission to trace his father’s roots. His mission took him to his father’s hometown, Santa Maria del Rosario. Acosta’s dad fled from his hometown three weeks before the Cuban Missile Crisis that threatened to deliver the world’s first nuclear war. 

Acosta’s dad didn’t want him to go to Cuba because he thought that the authorities would arrest Acosta. However, in an article that Acosta wrote on CNN Politics, he revealed that the trip was worth it. He wrote:

“When I returned to the U.S. a few days later, I surprised my dad with the story of my life, his life. He saw the pictures of his old home, his old town, and the cousins he played with as a boy. They were all old men now. Decades had flown by. Of course he cried. I cried. Who wouldn’t?”

Acosta’s Instagram page shows that he shares a close bond with his parents. They divorced when Acosta was five years old.