Thanks to the acceptance of cameras in US trials, many have followed the Heard-Depp defamation trial live. Netizens have filled social media with clips from the case, with supporters of both sides trying to garner support for their preferred actor. Unfortunately, some of the clips posted on social media aren’t real. 

People close to Heard and Depp have testified; therefore, one is likely to believe a video showing one of the pair’s co-stars testifying. A video showing Jason Momoa allegedly giving testimony during the defamation suit has gone viral, with many believing that Heard’s Aquaman co-star contributed to the case.

The clip showing Jason Momoa testifying in the Heard-Depp trial is fake

A viral two-minute and fifteen-second video shows Jason Momoa testifying in the defamation trial. He joins via video link and is told off by Amber’s lawyer for saying hello to her mid-testimony. 

Momoa then proceeds to crack jokes, which send Depp, his lawyers, and court attendees into laughter. Jason sarcastically says that he and Heard worked together as janitors rather than actors. Momoa also refers to Amber as Amber Turd.

The video is not real and was probably made by a Depp supporter. The fake video utilizes clips from a previous Jason Momoa interview and court footage. 

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