Sunny Anderson is the host of Food Network’s How’d That Get on My Plate? and Cooking for Real. Anderson first appeared on Food Network in 2005 as a guest on the Emeril Live program. She served as Food and Lifestyle Editor for Hip Hop Weekly for a couple of years before becoming a television host in 2008.

In 2014, she joined Katie Lee and Jeff Mauro as co-hosts of The Kitchen. Sunny has been a guest star in talk shows such as The Wendy Williams Show and Good Morning America.

Sunny has been open about her dating life but she is yet to confirm any of her partners

Sunny first talked about her love-life during a 2009 interview with when she revealed that she had a boyfriend. However, she didn’t confirm the identity of the boyfriend. In late December 2016, Sunny wrote on twitter that she had been in two serious relationships. The tweet read:

“My parents know that I’m enjoying single and dating life with no goals. They’ve only met 2 serious boyfriends.”

In January 2017, Sunny shared a post on Twitter stating that she was at home with her boyfriend. However, several months later, she posted a tweet stating that “sometimes the best date is a good book.” She then posted the following reply to one of the comments on the post, “Why feel sad cuz you enjoy your own company? Feel sad when you’re sitting across from a liar & cheater.”

Sunny’s fans took this tweet to mean that she’d broken up with her mysterious boyfriend. In September 2018, the chef gave an insight into her high school dating life. She revealed that she dated a ‘MONSTER’ in high school and that upon googling him, the first thing that came up was a mugshot.

She was linked with professional chef Aaron Sachez but she refuted the rumors by referring to him as her ‘play boyfriend.’

In 2013, Sunny was linked to Chef Aaron Sanchez after his divorce from Ife Mora. Sunny rebuffed the rumors by posting a photo of herself and Aaron on Twitter and attaching the following caption, “Haaaiii ran into my play boyfriend in my mind @Chef_Aaron and we shook a tail feather.”