The investigation into Jalayah Eason’s death in her mother’s apartment on 23rd May 2023 continues. Authorities await the medical examiner’s report to determine whether to charge Jalayah’s mother, Lynija Eason, with homicide. Prosecutors have charged Lynija with two child endangerment counts for allegedly neglecting her two other children. Authorities granted her supervised release after fitting her with an ankle monitor. 

The identity of Jalayah Eason’s father is unclear

The identity of Jalayah’s father is a mystery. It’s unclear whether he is alive or whether he fathered Jalayah’s siblings. He has yet to talk to the media following Jalayah’s death. 

Per Eason’s statements to the police, it’s unlikely that the child’s father was involved in her life. “I take care of my kids by myself,” Eason told authorities, per Daily News. “No other adults live in my apartment with me and my kids.”

The Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) has taken custody of Eason’s children. A spokesperson for the ACS said: “The safety and well-being of New York City’s children is our top priority. We are investigating this case with the NYPD. The safety of the other children in the home has been secured.”