Collin Morikawa is an American professional golfer who recently earned his second major win at the 2021 Open Championship. Morikawa blitzed the competition in junior golf categories, and for three weeks in May 2018, he topped the World Amateur Golf Ranking. Collin’s success could have come sooner had he not prioritized his undergraduate studies at UC-Berkeley.

He hit the ground running on the PGA Tour and stunned the world when he won the 2020 PGA Championship at TPC Harding Park in San Francisco on his debut. Despite his stunning achievement, many considered the win to be a fluke. A subsequent dip in form seemed to validate the critics, but Collin proved them wrong by roaring to victory on the Royal St. Georges Golf Club greens.

Collin did not grow up rich but his parents provided a comfortable upbringing

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Collin was born on 6th February 1997 in Los Angeles, California, to Debbie and Blaine Morikawa. Collin is of Japanese-Chinese descent.

Debbie and Blaine Morikawa run a successful laundry business in Los Angeles that delivers linens to restaurants in the area. The business’s income offered Collin and his brother a comfortable upbringing. Collin doesn’t describe his parents as rich but states that they managed to provide most of what he requested.

“I’ve been very lucky,” Collin told GolfDigest. “We never had to think about money growing up. Never had to think about what we were having for dinner. I wasn’t a kid that wanted many things; I never asked for a lot. But if I did need something or I did want something, I was very lucky to have parents who were able to afford stuff like that.”

Collin’s parents introduced him to golf when he was 5

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When he was 5, Collin’s parents convinced the organizers of a junior golf camp to let Collin participate. He wasn’t old enough to participate, but he displayed signs that he was a star in the making.

Collin committed to Golf when he was 10. Baseball was the hardest to leave behind, Collin says. “It’s not like I didn’t want to play other sports,” Collin said. “I just felt like if I wanted to do this, this is what I had to do.”

Morikawa had multiple options to consider after graduating from high school. USC appeared attractive as his mom, Debbie, is an alumnus. In the end, Collin opted for UC-Berkeley. At college, he established himself as a top player, and to the outside world, he seemed ready to go pro. Internally, however, Collin didn’t feel ready.

“I definitely would have brought it [going pro] up to my parents, and I would have thought about it,” he said. “Yes, maybe my golf game was ready, but I wasn’t ready to live that life by myself. I didn’t go to a school like Cal to play one year, have some good results and leave. Just wasn’t my mind-set.”

Collin’s assertiveness has paid off as he’s completed his education and looks set to star in the PGA Tour for many years. After winning the 2021 Open Championship, Collin thanked his loved ones for their unconditional support.

“I wouldn’t be here without my family, my friends, my parents, my brother, Kat, my girlfriend,” he gushed. “I love you guys so much.”