Jacky Oh, DC Young Fly’s partner and a former Wild ‘N Out star, died in late May 2023 in unclear circumstances. She’d reportedly flown to Miami for a ‘mommy makeover’. One of her last Instagram posts, which has since been deleted, was a photo of herself and popular surgeon Dr. Zachary Okhah. Jacky leaves behind DC Young Fly and their three children. 

Jacky Oh’s father was black, and her mother was white

Jacky Oh was born on 3rd November 1990 to a black father and a white mother. She is a mixed-race California native. “I’m black and white,” Jacky told DJ Smallz Eyes. “I mixed with a whole bunch of other stuff. I identify as black and white. Some people don’t fucking believe me.”

The mother-of-three was raised by her black single father. Jacky told DJ Smallz Eyes that race wasn’t an issue for her growing up as she grew up around black friends and family. “I’ve always been around the black side of my family,” Jacky said. “I’ve never been around the white side of my family. So, in my head, I identify as being black.”

Race became an issue when Jacky Oh became famous. “People think I am a white girl,” Jacky Oh said. “And then when I start talking they think I’m a little black. That’s the issue I have with social media. People are like, ‘Oooh, he [DC] is with a white girl.’” 

Jacky said people regularly told her she was light skin not black. “People have a problem with your relationship because they don’t like to see a black guy with a white girl – but I’m black,” Jacky concluded. 

Jacky considers her father, Keith Smith Sr., one of her best friends. “I’ve always felt like I could discuss things with my dad,” Jacky elaborated. “We have a really close relationship where I can just call him and stay on the phone for an hour not really talking about anything – but talking about everything.”

She said her mother was present in the early years of her life before gradually leaving the picture. “First couple of years, she was around. Then she gradually stopped coming to meet ups and missing her visits. She just stopped coming all together,” Jacky stated. The entrepreneur told DJ Smallz Eyes she had a cordial relationship with her stepmom. 

After Jacky’s death, her family released the following statement via Odell Beckham Jr.: “It is with sad hearts we share with you that Jacklyn aka MsJackyOh has passed away on Wednesday, May 31st 2023. Our family is still processing this very tragic and unexpected loss; we ask that you please give us privacy during this time.”