Good news for fans of Tom Clancy’s Ryanverse as Jack Ryan is set to return for a third season. The second season dropped on Halloween, to the delight of fans everywhere.

Jack Ryan is set to return for another tour on Amazon Prime. He started out in Russia, and then he went to Venezuela. Read on to find out where Jack’s search for the next terrorist threat takes him.

When will Jack Ryan season 3 premiere?

Amazon Prime announced in early 2019 that we would get Jack Ryan season 3. However, we do not have an exact release date.

There was more than a year’s difference between the release of season 1 and season 2. If season 3 follows the same timeline, we expect it to drop in early 2021. We will have the precise release date for you once it is announced.

Just like in season 1 and 2, we expect season 3 to have eight episodes. John Krasinski will return as Jack Ryan, but there will be a change of showrunner. Carlton Cuse will be replaced by Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring.

What happened in Jack Ryan Season 2?

Jack Ryan season 2 started with the launch of a mysterious satellite, which ended up being the main subject of the season. James Greer was working as the Moscow station chief when he made a discovery that took him to Venezuela. The discovery led him straight to Jack Ryan, who was headed to Venezuela on a diplomatic mission with a U.S. senator.

Jack met up with a lady named Harriet, and the two had a one-night stand. Jack’s new relationship raised questions about the whereabouts of his season 1’s love interest, Cathy Mueller. Harriet turned out to be a German Intelligence agent, and Jack was her mark. Surprisingly, Jack didn’t realize from the beginning that she was a spy.

Jack and Greer then clashed with the corrupt Venezuelan president Nicolas Reyes. The impending election raised tensions as Ryan and his team secretly tried to investigate whether Reyes presented a threat to the United States. However, there was nothing really discreet about the investigation. Season two featured fist fights, gun fights, and the occasional knife in the eye.

Season 2 ended as expected with Nicolas Reyes losing the election he tried so hard to rig. Ryan and his team of commandos caught up with Reyes, and presumably left him to the Venezuelan government for trial.

What to expect in Jack Ryan season 3

We are sure that Greer won’t be returning to the field in season 3. His heart issues were a recurring theme in season 2, and he suffered a lot of torture in the hands of Bastos. Greer told Jack;

“It’s been a helluva run but it’s over. Time to move on.”

He might leave the show entirely, or he might sign up for a desk job in season 3. Greer’s departure from the field might open up room for a new partner for Jack. We will get to see whether Ryan gets another partner, or he’ll be flying solo for season 3.

As stated earlier, Dr. Cathy Mueller was absent from season 2. It appeared that she was cut out entirely in season 2, and yet she features a lot in the Ryanverse created by Tom Clancy. Even in the series, her story seemed incomplete, and she may return in season 3. On the other hand, it might turn out that her story is finished.

The nature of Jack Ryan means that we cannot predict with certainty what will happen in season 3. That is exactly why you should be excited for the next season. Anything can happen.