Eugene Lee Yang is an American actor and filmmaker famous for being one of the four Try Guys. He made his big break when he started working for BuzzFeed in 2013. He was hired by BuzzFeed to explore new modes of storytelling. He went on to create some of the most viewed videos on BuzzFeed’s YouTube channel.

The Try Guys was created by BuzzFeed in 2014, and it featured Yang alongside Zach Kornfeld, Ned Fulmer, and Keith Habersberger. The show received positive feedback for its humor, and it made the cast famous. The Try Guys left BuzzFeed in 2018, and they are now an independent company.

This article will look at Yang’s partner, and his view on sexuality.

Yang’s relationship with Matthew Joseph McLean is his first public relationship

Eugene Lee Yang and Matthew Joseph McLean

Eugene is currently in a relationship with Matthew Joseph McLean. Matthew and Eugene regularly appear together during events.

Eugene is also a regular on Joseph’s Instagram page. We can tell from Matthew’s Instagram page that he loves animals and traveling, and he takes Eugene with him during most of his travels.

He came out as gay to inspire other people to be proud of their sexuality

Eugene Lee Yang
Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Eugene knew that he was gay from the age of 13, and other people knew that he was gay, but he didn’t come out publicly until June 2019. He came out publicly because he wanted to inspire people to be proud of who they are. He stated in an interview with MyHarto;

“In the past six months, five to ten kids have come up to me on the street. They look me straight in the eye and they say, ‘Watching you helped me and made me come out to my mom or my dad. So they know that I’m a lesbian now or they know I’m trans now…’ They don’t even know that I can’t even say on camera and to them on their faces that I’m gay was heartbreaking…”

He decided to share his sexuality to give power and to inspire anyone struggling with their sexuality. Eugene did so by sharing a video on YouTube titled, I’m gay. He also shared a behind the scenes video titled Why I’m coming out as gay. He said;

“Even if it’s just the smallest thing, like what label I go by, I think to find the truth and express it full confidence… I’m just announcing I’m a gay filmmaker, actor, producer, and viral video maker, whatever you want to call me – but I’m gay, and that’s the perspective I’m coming from.”