John Joseph ‘J.R.’ Moehringer is the inspiration behind George Clooney’s film The Tender Bar. Clooney adapted the movie from Moehringer’s memoir, which chronicles his life growing up inside his uncle’s bar. Moehringer is an award-winning writer set to co-author Prince Harry’s upcoming autobiography. 

The Yale graduate saw his popularity soar once Prince Harry announced him as the co-author; Moeringer’s popularity will reach new heights now that The Tender Bar is on Amazon Prime. J.R. Moehringer seems very secretive, with little information about his family available. This piece will look at J.R.’s wife, Shannon Welch.

J.R. and his wife Shannon raise two children in the Bay Area

J.R. Moehringer is married to editor Shannon Welch. 

The pair raise their two children in the Bay Area. 

Shannon used her experiences as a writer to shape her approach to editing

The opportunity to delve into editing knocked on Shannon’s door at a difficult time in her life. She was writing her novel and working part-time as a teacher to make ends meet. 

“I was cobbling it together,” Shannon told Publisher’s Weekly. “I think I faced the reality of how difficult it is to be a writer and thought, I’m just not sure if this is for me.”

Editing allowed Welch to keep working with books without the hassles of writing. “It was a way for me to be involved [in books], and it allowed me to do what I love,” she said. 

Welch’s experience as a writer shaped her approach to editing and interacting with authors. She explained:

“I struggled. I know what it means to sit alone in a room and write. For many authors, it’s like their baby, and as a publisher you’re bringing it into a process that’s mystified to the outside world. One of the services I can offer is an understanding of what it means to be on the other side of the machine.”

Welch seeks out projects that inspire change and pose challenges to people. “I look for books that speak to how desire to live their lives, and that readers will find enriching,” Welch added.