It Chapter Two is a sequel to the first movie in the series, It Chapter One. In the first film, a group of children form ‘The Losers Club’ to avenge the murder of one of the children by Pennywise the Dancing Clown. In It Chapter Two, The Losers Club members are now adults.

They had vowed to return if Pennywise manifested himself again, and right on cue, the Dancing Clown reappears in Derry, Maine. The Losers Club resolve to stop Pennywise for good, regardless of the dangers involved. As expected, The Losers Club suffer several fatalities, but the surviving members succeed in their mission.

Is It Chapter Two available on Netflix?

Warner Bros. is responsible for distribution of It Chapter Two. The company has a streaming service in HBO Max in need of content. Therefore, it is unlikely that Warner Bros. will hand streaming rights for It Chapter Two to Netflix, at least in the United States.

It is far more likely that It Chapter Two will appear on Netflix in regions outside the United States. It took a while for It Chapter One to appear in Netflix regions outside the United States, but it appeared eventually. Therefore, Netflix regions outside the United States should expect It Chapter Two to appear in the near future.