Wesley Snipes had one of the most memorable looks during the 2022 Academy Awards. Snipes wore a burgundy suit featuring a jacket, shirt, bow tie, and silver brooches pinned to the lapels of his coat. Below the waist, Snipes abandoned the oft-worn ankle-length trouser for Bermuda shorts with matching leggings and a silk loincloth. 

Lebron James and Pharrell have worn shorts suits before, but Wesley pulled it off on a night overflowing with black and white tuxedos. Snipes then joined Woody Harrelson and Rosie Perez on stage to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their 90s classic White Men Can’t Jump.

Wesley Snipes looked thinner, but there’s no indication that he is sick

Another aspect of Wesley Snipes’s Oscars appearance was his apparent weight loss. 

Snipes’ chiseled body was the stuff of legend during his Blade days and has featured in some of his recent films. Therefore, Wesley’s seemingly rapid weight loss has alarmed fans, with many suspecting he’s struggling with something. 

However, there’s no news that Wesley Snipes is sick. Wesley might have looked thinner during the Oscars, but he appeared energetic and demonstrated that he retained his trademark humor. 

Woody Harrelson said that he proved that white men could jump, but Wesley disagreed. “I don’t know about that,” Wesley gagged. “You still look like a slow, geeky chump to me.”