Tyler Henry is back on our screens, but this time, he’s serving as a medium for ordinary people rather than celebrities. Henry shot to fame on the series Hollywood Medium on the E! Network. He gave readings to the likes of Bella Thorne, the Kardashians, Megan Fox, Jim Parsons, and Sofia Vergara.

In Netflix’s Life After Death With Tyler Henry, Tyler transverses the south giving readings to the non-famous and, more importantly, finding his mother’s kin.

The show boldly claims that 300,000 people await readings from the famed clairvoyant. Could Tyler Henry be the real deal?

Tyler Henry seems to use well-known psychic tricks to perform his readings

Henry provides readings in pretty much the same way as other mediums, but he has a gimmick: scribbling. Tyler scribbles insistently as he gives readings, claiming that the messages from the other side appear clearer when he scribbles. 

Tyler, like other mediums and critics, doesn’t give concrete readings. Instead, he makes statements that can apply to anyone. For instance, loved ones of a person who died from a sudden illness usually believe medical attention came slowly.

By repeating this assertion to a person who lost a loved one through sudden illness, he seems like a person with a connection to the supernatural. 

The bond between sneakers, basketball, and hip-hop is undeniable. Therefore, it’s near-certain that people in the life of a hip-hop producer have strong interests in sneakers; yet, a hip-hop producer appears stunned when Henry says a person known to him had a strong interest in sneakers. 

Furthermore, plenty of information about us exists on the internet. We do not know how much Henry knows about his participants before providing a reading. 

Erin Jensen of USA Today sat with Tyler Henry to test his abilities. Henry made accurate predictions, and according to Erin, he knew more about her family than she did. Jensen said that she was convinced of Henry’s abilities, and so were a couple of her relatives. 

Henry admits that he gets some of his readings wrong

Tyler Henry says that he discovered his psychic abilities when, as a 10-year-old, he predicted his grandmother’s passing. 

Henry told Forbes that he understands people who don’t buy into his craft. “I embrace skepticism,” he told Forbes. “There’s a difference between skepticism and cynicism. The unknown is scary and it’s easier to make a judgment about me than to assess what really is.”

After getting several readings wrong, Henry told Erin that he occasionally misses the mark, but his inaccuracies don’t invalidate his correct readings. Henry said:

“I don’t think that invalidates when I get it right. Even the best basketball players still miss their free throws sometimes, and we can still recognize that they have talent.”

The reality in reality television remains up for debate. Still, we see Henry provide relief to many bereaved – and we opine that people should focus on the good he does rather than whether he connects to the ‘other side’ or not. 

Erin concluded her article by saying that she treasured the healing her relatives got from speaking with Tyler. “The thing I’ll treasure most from the experience is the peace they got from themessages relayed to them,” she wrote. 

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