Tony Hinchcliffe’s brand of insult comedy has landed him in trouble. In 2021, he was dropped by the WME agency after a video of Tony using racial slurs on stage surfaced. Conversely, Tony has built a large fan base through his brazen and offensive content: some of his 2023 The Fully Groan Tour shows are sold out. 

Tony Hinchcliffe was married to Charlotte Jane; he is currently single

Tony first mentioned his relationship with Charlotte Jane in 2015. He referred to Jane, the daughter of Australian racer Bob Jane, as his wife. People dismissed Tony’s assertions as a joke. Fans realized he was serious when he posted a photo in November 2017 of the pair wearing rings. 

“Married as fuck,” Tony captioned the post. “Honeymooning in La Jolla performing 4 shows this weekend at @comedystorelj… then Australia Nov. 22-27.”

Tony kept referring to Jane as his wife throughout 2018. The pair rarely posted about each other on social media. The world learned about the pair’s separation after Jane deleted all evidence of her relationship with Tony from her Instagram page, replacing it with images of her new lover. 

Jane has moved on, but it seems Tony hasn’t. Rumors claim that he is dating longtime friend Joanna Jedrzejczyk. However, there’s no evidence to support the rumor. 

Other unsubstantiated reports allege Tony Hinchcliffe is gay. These reports interpret the inactivity in Tony’s love life as proof that he is gay. Tony Hinchcliffe hasn’t addressed his sexuality. Further, based on his relationship with Jane, it’s improbable that he is gay.