Shaun Evans is best known for playing Endeavour Morse in the drama series Endeavour. For nine seasons, Shaun has played the famous fictional character. “I feel enormously privileged that I’ve been afforded this luxury of playing this part, to be directing, to be producing, to have an overview of it,” Shaun told PBS

It’s unclear if Shaun Evans is dating or married

Shaun Evans’s love life is a mystery. The actor intentionally keeps his private life secret – he has no public social media accounts and rarely addresses personal matters in interviews. He told Ox in a Box: “[Endeavour has] little impact on my life which I like because I’m not a person who has a public persona, or a profile on social media. I just like to do my job and then go home and carry on with my life.”

Shaun was in a relationship with Irish singer and actress Andrea Corr in the early 2000s. The couple started dating in 2003 and broke up several years later. 

In an interview with the Belfast Telegraph, Shaun joked about having a crush on American singer and author Patti Smith, who mentioned Endeavour as one of her favorite shows. Shaun said;

“I’ve got the biggest crush on Patti Smith. I find her really inspiring. Her photographs are incredible, the poetry that she writes, and just her way of living. I’m totally gushing now, but as soon as I finished one of her books, I started it again, because I was so intoxicated with the atmosphere of it. She’s something else.”

Shaun’s role as Endeavour Morse may have impacted his love life. The actor told PBS that for about half of the year, his whole life revolves around the character. He explained:

“So for those five or six months of the year that it takes to make those three episodes, it’s my whole life for that period. That can be intense, and it means that all of the other relationships in my life have to grant me some patience. For those five or six months it gets my full, undivided, focused attention, seven days a week.”

Shaun said that after filming, he reconnects with family and friends. “When it’s done, there’s a huge release in being able to go and see my friends and family, and go traveling, and go and see plays and movies and exhibitions. Reconnect with the people that I’ve neglected for those six months,” he said. Perhaps now that he’s done with Endeavour, he’ll have more time for romance.