Kevin Chamberlin is an American actor known for his theater roles in productions such as The Addams Family and Seussical. He has received three Tony Award nominations and three Desk Award nominations for his theatre work. Despite his success in theatre, Tony admits to getting tired of working in one medium for too long, and so he constantly shifts between theatre and film or TV.

Between 2011 and 2015, he played the role of Bertram Winkle in the Disney series Jessie. In 2018, he returned to Broadway and starred as The Wizard of Oz in Wicked.

This piece will look at Kevin’s love life. It is unclear whether he is married.

Kevin is reportedly single but he did admit to dating a television writer back in 2010

The openly gay actor has been open about his sexuality for a long while, but he rarely reveals his relationship status. Most reports indicate that the theatre star is single.

However, in 2010, Kevin admitted to being in a relationship with a partner who worked as a television writer. He told the Windy City Times:

“Los Angeles is not a big theatre town per se. My partner is a television writer so he is doing really well out there. We have switched gears; I was the breadwinner in New York and now he is the breadwinner out there.”

Kevin caused confusion when he tweeted out that he is happily married

On 26th June 2015, Kevin took to Twitter to celebrate the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage in the United States. In one of the replies to his post, Kevin wrote, “Yes I am happily married.”

His tweet added to the confusion about his dating life. It’s unclear whether the tweet was true because Kevin hasn’t revealed more details about this marriage.