Josh Seiter of The Bachelorette fame is not dead. He claimed someone hacked his account and posted a fake death announcement. “I am alive and well,” Seiter said in an Instagram video. “Somebody was playing a cruel joke and mocking my mental illness and the struggles I’ve gone through with depression and suicide attempts.”

John Seiter said he was pansexual before coming out as bisexual

John Seiter revealed he was pansexual in an interview with TV Shows Ace. “I love everybody equally regardless of gender,” Seiter stated. He told the outlet that he was in a relationship with a man. “I’ve had a lot of disastrous relationships with women lately and I am excited to finally be in a healthy relationship.”

In a later interview with Instinct Magazine, Seiter came out as bisexual. The reality star said that he’d known for a while that he wasn’t straight but hadn’t known how to describe his sexuality. Seiter told the publication:

“I believe my upbringing, in the homeschooled Christian niche that we were brought up in, stayed with me, both consciously and unconsciously, for years after leaving home for college. I always knew as an early teen I was different sexually, I just don’t think I had the vocabulary to articulate what the difference was.”

In July 2023, Seiter announced via a since-deleted Instagram post that he would star in a series of adult films. Seiter told Pride that he’d aspired for a long time to appear in adult films. “Unfortunately, coming from a Christian conservative family, it was never a reality,” he stated. “However, now that I am out as a bisexual man, I intend to make up for lost time.”

Seiter told the outlet that he would shoot with anyone, their sexuality or gender notwithstanding. “I am open to shooting with anybody,” Seiter said. “Gender identity and sexual orientation does not matter to me. My mindset is nothing is off the table. I want to shoot with everyone.”

Seiter’s brother claimed Seiter lied about being bisexual and that he is straight

In early July 2023, Seiter’s brother claimed Seiter lied about being bisexual. Seiter’s sibling contended that the reality star has been in an open relationship since 2019 with a lady named Jennifer. “She lives in Chicago with him and she comes to all of our family gatherings,” the brother claimed. “He last showed up with her just a few weeks ago at the same time he and David were supposedly engaged.”

Seiter’s brother alleged that Seiter lied about being bisexual. “He is not bisexual in the least and is 100% straight. In fact, he has a long-term girlfriend,” the brother said. 

He alleged that Seiter’s girlfriend doesn’t mind him getting into relationships with other women because it gives him exposure and earns him money. Jennifer doesn’t protest Seiter’s OnlyFans career for the same reason, Seiter’s brother claimed. He further alleged that Seiter faked his relationship with his rumored ex David to appeal to the queer community. Josh’s brother stated:

“He knows a lot of his followers and fans are gay men so I am led to believe this is all just to boost his OnlyFans. It’s not real. He’s poaching from the LGBTQ community. He knew if he claimed to be bi then he could double his potential subscriber base. Everything he does is for money. He claims the subscribers on his site have gone from 400 to 2,000 since his announcement.”

Seiter told In Touch that some of his brother’s claims were true. He described himself as ‘75% straight and 25% other’. “I have only been with her since May of 2021 and it was an open relationship,” Seiter said. “A lot of what is being alleged is in fact true. Some is not. I cannot elaborate further at this time.”