Jack Griffo will star in The Thundermans Return, a film version of the Nickelodeon show that earned him global fame. Griffo has shared Instagram photos of the shoot, including an uber-popular image of himself and co-star Kira Kosarin. “Some things never change. Shooting day 1,” Griffo captioned the post

Jack Griffo is not gay; he has dated Paris Berelc and Sylvia Van Hoeven

Jack Griffo is not gay. The rumors claiming that he is gay are false. Griffo hasn’t addressed his sexuality. However, gleaning from his dating history, we conclude that he is not gay. 

Griffo and Paris Berelc, his Alexa & Katie co-star, started dating in late 2016. The actor told Girls’ Life in February 2018 that he and Paris were friends for a long time before they became a couple. “We had chemistry, but were just always dating other people. Late in 2016, we were both single so I asked her out to lunch. By the end of the year, we were a full-on exclusive thing,” he said. 

The Splitting Adam star often gushed about Paris in interviews. “Paris is so cool,” he said in June 2017. “We love hanging out together. I’ve never been this excited about a relationship, it’s a lot of fun. I love someone that is easygoing and caring.”

It’s unclear when Griffo and Paris split up. “We broke up,” Paris wrote on her Instagram Stories in January 2021, several months after announcing her relationship with Rhys Athayde on Instagram. “I moved on… end of story.”

Griffo moved on, too, starting a relationship with Mia Beyer. The removal of the couple’s Instagram posts marked the end of their short-lived relationship.

In August 2021, Sylvia Van Hoeven and Griffo announced their romance on Instagram. “Happy day of birth to my bestest friend. I love you,” read one of many Instagram tributes to Sylvia from Griffo. “Happy birthday to my bestest friend! Hope today is as special as you are. I love you,” Sylvia wrote on Instagram in December 2021. 

Griffo and Sylvia deleted each other’s social media photos, suggesting they are no longer dating. It seems Jack Griffo is single.