Jenna Ellis, a former Donald Trump attorney, turned on her former employer by pleading guilty to aiding and abetting attempts to nullify the 2020 Georgia election. The once brazen Ellis wept as she read as she entered her plea. “I look back on this whole experience with deep remorse,” Ellis stated

Jenna Ellis is not married; she divorced David Rives two months after their June 2019 wedding

Jenna Ellis is not married. The divorcee was once married to David Rives, a promoter of Creationism and a contributor to far-right conspiracy theories. Creationism is the belief that the creation story in Genesis, the first book in the Bible, is the truth about the world’s beginning. Rives’ site reads:

“The problem is that atheists, using evolutionary theories, claim they have refuted the Bible’s accuracy. What’s worse, the real facts are CENSORED. If you don’t have a Ph.D. in science, you’re often left feeling helpless when trying to defend your faith. We understand how convincing the scientific arguments may sound, but you need to be equipped to know the truth.”

Ellis and Rives got engaged in April 2019 and were married in June 2019. Two months later, they separated and began divorce proceedings. In a since-deleted Facebook post, Ellis claimed that Rives’ disregard of church authority contributed to their split. She explained:

“As you know, my husband David Rives chose to Separate in August. He refuses all church authority, accountability, or biblical counseling for some very critical issues. It is time to walk in truth openly and that the body of Christ should encourage my husband toward truth and God, especially because he claims to be in ministry leadership and is ignoring his Christian duty in many respects.”