Food and restaurant critic Grace Dent once roasted I’m A Celeb, saying she was embarrassed to watch the show. “I snap my blinds firmly shut before settling down to watch I’m A Celeb, in fear the theme tune alone devalues my property,” she said. Dent’s opinions have changed: she’s joined the cast of I’m A Celebrity 2023. 

Grace Dent is not married; she is in a long-term relationship with a man named Charlie

Grace Dent is not married. However, she is in a long-term relationship with a mysterious man named Charlie, who lives in a separate residence. “I live ostensibly on my own because my partner, Charlie, and I have separate homes, however the reality is he’s in my bloody house most of the time, making a mess, eating food from my fridge and being looked after,” Dent wrote in The Evening Standard

Dent talked to Kate Thornton on White Wine Question Time about the start of her relationship with Charlie. She explained that the pair conversed on Instagram for two years before meeting. She said: “With my man, Charles, I think almost every day whenever I look at him: ‘How did I pull this off?’ Because before we got together, I used to follow him on Instagram, and he followed me and there was at least 24 months where I used to just look at his photo and go: ‘He’s so pretty.'”

The restaurant critic said she was apprehensive about meeting Charlie because she worried he would have a bad character or be a catfish. Her concern disappeared immediately after she laid eyes on Charlie. Dent continued:

“He was absolutely gorgeous. I saw him across the bar. But then what’s almost worse — no, it’s not worse, but it’s similar — is when you turn up and the person is the person. And you’re like: ‘Oh, s***, here we go. Here we go. Here is my heart, to be dragged and thrown at a wall from 25 feet!”

Dent has no children; a decision she doesn’t regret. “I do like children. Just not enough,” Dent wrote in The Guardian in 2018. “This still feels like a radial thing for a woman to say.” She concluded, “Thank you for raising the future. You’re all amazing. But it’s still a no from me.”