Nearly a decade after joining ABC13 Houston, Chauncy Glover announced his departure from the media outlet. He told viewers he was leaving to ‘take on another great opportunity’. “I had no family here or friends, but Houston, you became my family and you all became my friends. Thank you all so much for trusting me, allowing me to tell your stories and see your events,” Glover added

Chauncy Glover is not married; he seems wholly committed to his career

Chauncy Glover is not married and doesn’t seem to be dating. He doesn’t talk about his love life and appears wholly committed to his career. 

Glover caused confusion in September 2016 when he posted on Facebook that his co-host, Marya Moreno, had accepted a marriage proposal. He cleared up the uncertainty in the comments, writing that the proposal came from Marya’s long-time boyfriend. “She’ll continue to be my work wife though!” Glover added. 

The reporter again referred to Marya as his ‘work wife’ during his farewell to ABC13, calling her his ‘biggest blessing of all’. He said, “And the biggest blessing of all has been this young lady right here, my co-worker [Mayra Moreno], to sit beside you every single day. And match you every single day, it’s been fun…You have been my rock and my therapist at times. We’ve laughed and prayed and cried together and you have been the best work wife anyone could ask for.”

Tearing up, Marya said she would keep in touch with her beloved co-host of many years. Marya stated, “It is now surreal and it has hit. But you will always be here with all of us in our hearts. And we’re not getting rid of me. I’m texting you. I’m bugging you. And you know, we always have those Facetime talks.”