29-year-old BMX star Pat Casey was involved in a fatal accident as he attempted a stunt at Slayground Motocross Park in California in early June 2023. The San Diego County Sheriff’s Office stated that paramedics tried to revive Pat for nearly an hour before pronouncing him dead. Authorities have launched an investigation into Pat’s death. 

Pat Casey and his wife, Chase Casey, shared two children, Reid and Taytum

During an appearance on the Mongoose Heritage Series, Pat stated that he proposed to Chase a year into their relationship. Pat said he realized his dream of becoming a father when his son, Reid, was born. Taytum, the couple’s daughter, arrived a year after Reid. 

Pat Casey's wife

Pat said he was ecstatic that Reid had developed a passion for bike riding. “I’m so excited that he likes the same things that I do because I get to enjoy it with him,” Pat stated. “This is how we bond I guess.” Pat and Chase showed off their many pets: 10 chickens, four tortoises, two dogs, and a cat. They referred to their home as ‘the Casey farm’.

Chase also stated that she supports Reid’s young career but gets nervous watching him perform. Accidents are inevitable in motocross, as Pat occasionally demonstrated via his Instagram page. On 19th May 2023, Pat posted an Instagram photo of his injured face and wrote that he’d been barred from competing in the FISE World Series following a collision with another rider. 

“Stoked that my family is here to enjoy France with me,” Pat wrote. He later posted a video of the family’s vacation in Paris, showing they visited the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. “Such a great time in Paris with my family,” Pat wrote. “So grateful to be able to take them with me.”

Chase also posted Instagram photos of the trip. Pat’s fans have filled the post’s comment section with condolence messages. “Chase, I’m so incredibly heartbroken over the news,” @jennaroche commented. “I’m sending you and the family love and strength. We are here for you.”