Female lawyers who represent men accused of crimes against women fare quite poorly in the court of public opinion. Donna Rotunno, the Chicago-based lawyer who represented Harvey Weinstein, is a perfect example. Yet, Camille Vasquez, Johnny Depp’s lawyer in his defamation suit against Amber Heard, has received widespread admiration and praise.

The Heard-Depp trial has dominated the internet, with a massive legion of fans supporting Johnny Depp. Johnny’s internet stans rejoiced as Camille Vasquez tore into Amber Heard’s credibility, questioning the assaults Depp allegedly inflicted and putting the actress on the spot for failing to remit Johnny’s $7 million divorce payoff to charity. 

Camille Vasquez is not married, but reports claim she’s dating.

Camille and Johnny Depp are not in a relationship

Fans are scrutinizing every minute of the Heard-Depp trial and claim to have found evidence that Camille Vasquez and Johnny Depp are dating. 

The pair have reportedly touched on multiple occasions and seem to have a friendly bond. However, this is also true of Depp’s other lawyers, who appear relaxed and cordial around the movie star. 

TMZ reports that Johnny and his legal team started out professional and gradually became friendly. Therefore, the bond between Depp and Camille is the same as the bond between Johnny and the other lawyers. 

Given Camille’s no-nonsense examination of Amber Heard and the hug she shared with Depp afterward, it’s understandable why some fans suspect that the pair might be dating. 

However, Depp and Camille are not dating: Camille is in another relationship. 

Vasquez is reportedly dating a British man who works in real estate

According to TMZ, Camille Vasquez is dating a British man who works in real estate. 

Sources speaking to the outlet added that the months-long relationship is serious.