Nora ‘Awkwafina’ Lum recently made history when she became the first Asian performer to win a Golden Globe Award in the lead actress film category. Awkwafina started her performance career as a rapper. She used her classical jazz training and knowledge of programs such as GarageBand to make music. In 2012, Awkwafina’s music went viral when she made a song titled My Vag.

In 2014, Awkwafina made her television debut when she appeared in the third season of Girl Code. Awkwafina made a big impact in the acting world, and in 2018, she starred in 0cean’s 8 alongside stars such as Sandra Bullock and Anne Hathaway. She then went on to star in films such as Crazy Rich Asians, The Farewell, and Jumanji: The Next Level.

Awkwafina is pretty secretive about her love life, and many people wonder whether she is married. Awkwafina isn’t married, but she might be in a serious relationship. This piece will reveal all.

She went for her first date due to peer pressure


Awkwafina went on her first date because she wanted to prove that she could fit in with her friends who were in relationships. Awkwafina’s friend hooked her up on a blind date that initially appeared promising. Awkwafina’s date was her type physically, but during the date, she started to see the red flags.

First, Awkwafina didn’t like the meal choice he made. Awkwafina also told Vogue that his conversational topics didn’t appeal to her. She said;

“It became boring. He would take about libertarianism, he would talk about how the Chinese market is like where to go to put your money in. I don’t give a shit… I realized that I started to pretend to understand his psychopathic ramblings. I wanted to sound smart.”

Awkwafina had to pretend to be someone else to date this man. After a couple of dates, Awkwafina introduced him to her friends, and he finally got to see the real her. It signaled the end of the relationship because they both realized that they weren’t meant for each other.

That failed relationship made Awkwafina conclude that she probably wasn’t meant to be in a relationship. Awkwafina and her date ‘mutually ghosted’ each other.

It made her resolve not to alter who she is for another person. She explained:

“I just enjoyed and realized that I’m enough, I’m worth it, and if you can’t get with that, then bye. If this really was dating, I’d much rather be at home alone, naked, watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3, giving my cat a haircut.”

She claims to be in a loving and happy relationship

Awkwafina seems to have gotten over her fear of relationships. In 2018, Awkwafina told The Guardian that she has settled down with her long-term boyfriend. She said; “I’m extremely happy. I’m in love.”

In the same interview, Awkwafina also stated that she doesn’t think that she can sustain family life. However, Awkwafina kept the identity of this mystery man a secret. Hopefully, she will share his identity soon.

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