Alicia Witt is an American actress who gained fame as a child actor in the 1984 film Dune. She also earned critical acclaim for her role in the 1994 film Fun and 1998 horror flick Urban Legend. She went on to appear in a slate of films and shows in the 2000s, including Last Holiday, The Walking Dead, and Two and a Half Men.

Recently, Witt has made a name for herself for starring in Hallmark Christmas movies and recording original music. Alicia’s latest Hallmark film, Christmas Tree Lane, features two of her original songs. Witt is currently working on her 5th studio album.

This piece will look at Alicia’s secretive personal life. Alicia Witt is not married.

Alicia is rumored to have married Peter Krause in 1995 and Nathan Foulger in 2003

Alicia Witt and Nathan Foulger
Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images

Alicia takes the notion of being secretive about her personal life to the extreme. Currently, she is rumored to have married Peter Krause and Nathan Foulger.

Peter and Alicia dated after meeting on the set of Cybill, but it is unclear whether they got married. “I met my girlfriend Alicia Witt on the show,” Peter told BuzzFeed. Their relationship reportedly ended in 2000. Alicia is rumored to have moved on with actor Nathan Foulger. Rumors claim that the couple got married in 2003 and divorced in 2006. Alicia is yet to confirm or deny these rumors.

Alicia prefers to keep a tight lid on her personal and dating lives

Alicia is one of the most secretive actors in Hollywood. It’s unclear why she chose this approach, but she has been quite successful at keeping prying eyes away from her personal life.

Witt was born on 21st August 1975 in Worcester, Massachusetts, to Diane and Robert Witt. Diane, a reading teacher, and Robert, a science teacher, spotted her performance talent at a young age. Famed director David Lynch gave Alicia her big break after he heard the five-year-old recite Shakespeare.