Emily Compagno is a regular contributor on the Fox News Channel. The TV host started her career as an attorney in San Francisco while serving as the Oakland Raider’s cheerleading squad captain. She is an NFL ambassador, and she has represented the brand in Beijing and Shanghai.

Compagno joined Fox News as a contributor and legal analyst in 2018. She is currently a contributor on the weekly show, The Five, and also gives her opinions on current affairs on other Fox News programs. In March 2020, Emily launched the show, Crimes That Changed America, on Fox Nation. This piece will look at Emily’s husband and her personal life.

She got married to husband Peter Riley in September 2017

Emily Compagno is hugely secretive about her love life, and all we know about it is that she got married to Peter Riley in September 2017. On 15th September 2017, he posted a photo of her husband’s wedding ring on Twitter and added the caption, “I’ve been married one day and my husband leaves his ring in the hotel room.”

She regularly honors her family members who fought in the World Wars

Emily was born in East Oakland, California, to Katherine and John Compagno, and she grew up alongside her two sisters. She regularly honors her family members who fought in the World Wars. Her Instagram page is full of photos of her great relatives who served in both wars. On 11th November 2019, she posted a photo of her great uncle, PVT Joseph Lorenz, and added the caption:

“I honor my family & their contributions & sacrifices for this country, for the freedom our flag represents: My father, uncles, grandfather, greats & more. Thank you, all veterans. Thank you, all families, who sacrifice heart & hope alongside our brave soldiers.”

Emily also urges people to contribute to veterans’ charities and funds. She also advertises charities that support orphans and the poor in Africa.