Aladdin was one of the most successful films of 2019. It was an adaptation of Disney’s 1992 film with the same name, which was based on an eponymous tale from One Thousand and One Nights. It follows Aladdin as he falls in love with Princess Jasmine and releases a wish-granting Genie (played by Will Smith).

Despite Aladdin being an overwhelming commercial success, the film received a mixed reception from critics. Most critics praised the actors’ performances but criticized Guy Ritchie’s direction. 

Now that an Aladdin sequel is in development, let’s find out where you can stream Aladdin.

Is Aladdin available on Netflix?

Aladdin is not available on Netflix. We do not expect it to come to Netflix anytime soon. 

Walt Disney Studios holds the distribution rights of Aladdin. Disney owns two Netflix competitors: Hulu and Disney+.

Therefore, it is unlikely that Walt Disney will hand streaming rights to Netflix in the US or other regions. 

Where is Aladdin available for streaming?

Aladdin is currently available for streaming on Disney+.