Dustin Tyler is a TikTok star who has almost two million followers on the platform. The tattooed tattoo artist and barber has gained fame by posting funny clips, including gags about his exes. In August 2021, he trended online after getting hospitalized due to COVID-19 and admitting he should have taken the vaccine.

Dustin Tyler was raised by his mother and stepfather after his biological parents separated

Dustin Tyler was born in Mankato, Minnesota, into a middle-class family. His biological parents never married and separated when he was young. Following the split, Tyler’s mother married his stepfather. After tying the knot, they moved the family to Medford, Oregon. Tyler told Michael Dash that he grew up surrounded by bad influences:

“The kids I chose to associate with probably wasn’t the best choice as nowadays most of them have either passed away from drug overdose or have been in and out of the corrections system. As a kid I always remember my mother trying her best to make me attend school but I had a defiant personality and that rarely happened.”

Tyler avoided serious trouble because he changed his company. “I started hanging around a whole new group of guys that were a much more positive influence on me and therefore my late teens and early 20’s I managed to stay out of any serious trouble,” he said. 

The TikTok star gained fame by claiming Keanu Reeves was his father. He posted multiple videos making this dubious allegation, which some people believed. Tyler has no familial connection to Keanu Reeves.