Sam Pang is an Australian comedian and radio presenter who co-hosts The Front Bar alongside Andy Maher and Mick Molloy. Pang’s dream growing up was to be a footballer, but he didn’t have enough talent to succeed professionally. He supplemented his income by working odd jobs, and only joined radio at the urging of his friends.

Pang branched into television in 2009 as host of SBS One’s quiz show ADbc. In 2013, Pang joined Ed Kavalee and Santo Cilauro as co-hosts on Santo, Sam and Ed’s Total Football on Fox Sports.

He is rumored to be married to a mysterious woman known as Ann

Sam is rumored to have married an Italian woman named Ann in 2000. He is yet to confirm this rumor. This is the only love life rumor associated with Sam Pang. He has succeeded in keeping his private life away from the public’s attention.

He described the birth of his daughter as the happiest day in his life

We can confirm that Sam has a daughter known as Sienna Pang. Her age is unknown, but we know that she makes Sam very happy. Sam gave the following answer when Michael Lallo of The Sydney Morning Herald asked him about when he was happiest, “The day my daughter was born was pretty good.”