Andra Day (real name Cassandra Monique Batie) is an American singer and actress who came to fame after the release of her 2015 album Cheers to the Fall. The album was nominated for Best R&B album at the 2016 Grammy Awards, and the album’s lead single, Rise Up, earned a Best R&B Performance nomination.

Day’s music career received a major boost after Stevie Wonder, who is credited for ‘discovering’ her, connected Day to his producer. Wonder’s producer then signed her to his company, and the rest is history. Andra played Billie Holiday in the 2021 biopic The United States v Billie Holiday. Her performance earned her two Golden Globe Award nominations.

This piece will look at Andra Day’s parents and love life.

Andra Day’s parents got to live out their musical dreams through Andra’s success

Andra Day was born on 30th December 1984 in Edmonds, Washington. She grew up alongside her sister in San Diego, California. Day’s parents harbored artistic dreams, but they never achieved them. Instead, they passed on their ambitions to Andra. Day told Essence that her parents constantly encouraged her to sing, and she regularly belted out duets with her father. She said:

“I always joke that I don’t think my parents thought I was capable of doing anything else. There were times when I’d play around different things I was interested in and they’d say, ‘Oh, okay, sweetie. Just go ahead and keep singing in your room.’”

Their persistence paid off as Day went on to become an international singing sensation. She struggled for a while before finding a suitable genre but eventually found comfort in soul music. Andra’s parents achieved their musical dreams through their daughter.

Day’s parents occasionally travel with her and sometimes rub shoulders with some of the biggest stars on the planet. Andra talked to People about her dad’s hilarious meeting with Adele during the 2016 Grammy’s:

“My parents are not in the business, so they have no concept of: ‘Is this appropriate?” They were just sort of hanging out, so my dad walks up to Adele and was like, ‘Hey, you know, my daughter is Andra Day.’ And of course she’s so sweet! She obliges him. She starts giving a massage on his back.”

Andra Day is single and was rumored to be dating Don Bowie

Andra Day prefers to keep her love life away from the public eye. She has yet to confirm a relationship with anyone, and her social media pages offer no clues as to her relationship status.

In 2015, Andra was rumored to be dating Don Bowie, but she didn’t confirm or deny the rumor.