If you are looking to grow your following on TikTok, you should seriously consider hopping on the latest trend. The TikTok algorithm, though difficult to fully understand, prioritizes challenges and trends on users’ For You pages. Over the past week, most TikTok users have come across the I Told Her Send Me A Selfie with No Filter Quick challenge.

The new challenge resembles the Catfish challenge, which involved comparing a user’s glammed-up profile photo with their real-life look. There are several differences, however, chief among them, the song behind the trend.

This piece will explain the song behind the I Told Her Send Me A Selfie With No Filter Quick TikTok trend.

The I Told Her Send Me A Selfie Without Filter Quick is based on lyrics from B1’s Faded

The background track of the I Told Her Send Me A Selfie With No Filter Quick is B1’s 2018 track Faded. B1 raps:

“I told her send me a selfie, duh with no filter quick/ Now she looking diff (catfish), delete that b*tch.”

As the first part of the lyrics play, users share a photo of their face in makeup. As the second part plays, the user replaces the original photo with a makeup-free snap.


The challenge was initially comedic, but it is also being used to roast celebrities

The I Told Her Send Me A Selfie Quick With No Filter Quick trend started as a comedic challenge. Participants in the challenge looked happy sharing their makeup-free photos while singing delete that bitch.

TikTokers allowed their creativity to run wild, as they adapted the challenge to include objects rather than people. One viral video showed a carefully concealed defect on a popular motor vehicle brand.

The trend is now being used to roast various internet celebrities who have caused controversy in the past. The roasts are hilarious, but we are certain that the victims won’t be impressed.


Hehe kidding ly @ksi

♬ Faded – B1