The creators of TikTok regularly spice things up on the app by creating new filters for us to use. They also revamp old filters by adding a new feature and making people think that they are brand new.

The Marvel Look-alike filter is currently trending on TikTok, and contrary to popular belief, the filter is not new. It is the same Shapeshifter Effect of old but christened with a new name. Popular TikTokers are having fun with it, and you can get in on the craze with your friends. Read on to find out how to get the Marvel Look-alike Filter.

The Marvel Look-alike filter matches you to the Marvel superhero you closely resemble

As stated above, the Marvel Look-alike is the Shapeshifting Filter renamed. If you are just discovering it now, we’ll guide you on how to apply the filter on TikTok.

First, you need to download an image featuring all Marvel Characters in a grid. You should easily find one after googling Marvel characters. You can create your custom grid, but this method is time-consuming.

After that, open TikTok and tap ‘Discover’. In the search bar at the top, type Shapeshifting. The top result will have the word Effects with Shapeshifting Filter underneath. Click on the filter and start recording by tapping the pink record button at the bottom.

Then upload the photo of the Marvel characters saved on your phone and the filter will choose which Marvel character you resemble. Sometimes the filter gets the resemblance spot on, but at times, some of the pick-outs are questionable.

Nevertheless, the failures are part of the reason why the filter is so fun. Follow the steps above and find out which Marvel character you resemble.

You can use the filter with characters from other shows such as Harry Potter and Friends

The Shapeshifting Filter allows you to incorporate characters from other shows. All you need is a photo of the characters from the show you please arranged in a grid. You will likely find the grid photos via a simple google search. However, If the show you want is not popular, you might have to create the grid yourself.

This TikTok filter has no limits. You can incorporate, among others, Disney characters, characters from sitcoms, the wizards from Harry Potter, and animation characters. Let your imagination run wild and have plenty of fun with The Shapeshifting Filter.