Zyi’Air Sherrer (aka Zaywoah) was an American TikTok star whose fame grew due to his comedic content. He started out by creating memes, but as his popularity soared, he began creating funny commentary clips. Zaywoah was also an avid dancer who displayed his skills via TikTok. By September 2020, he had over 340K Instagram followers.

Zaywoah launched his rapping career in 2020 under the name 6fg Zyi. He released two viral singles, What you Need and Anybody Else But You, alongside fellow rapper 6Figure Retta. News of his untimely demise in September 2020 shocked everyone and sent his fans into mourning.

This piece will detail everything about Zaywoah’s death.

Zaywoah was declared dead by first responders on 22nd September 2020 following a fatal shooting in Harrison Township

On the morning of 22nd September 2020, it was reported that Zaywoah had been involved in a fatal shooting that took place at Fountainhead Apartments. At around 1 a.m., a woman claiming to be Zaywoah’s girlfriend called to report that he’d been shot.

After failing to revive him, first responders declared Zaywoah dead at the scene. Zaywoah’s fans sent their condolences via social media, while others expressed anger at the loss of another promising talent due to gun violence.

Others, however, saw an opportunity to profit. One Twitter user claimed that Zaywoah’s loved ones had created a crowdfunding account to cover Zaywoah’s funeral costs. The user intended to con people off of their money, but Zaywoah’s friends swiftly dispelled the scammer’s claim.

Zaywoah’s friend Gutta K claimed that Zaywoah’s baby mama Kamaree organized the murder

Zaywoah’s friend Gutta K was hard hit by Zaywoah’s demise. Following confirmation of his death, Gutta dedicated the following Instagram message to Zaywoah:

“Can’t believe we really saying goodbye to you Zay man it was just yesterday we was cracking jokes talking shit. You was so dope and so much life to live god called one his lucky angels home and all your friends can do is mourn. We all love you and have memories to hold onto forever please watch over tell my dad I miss him save me a spot in heaven love you man @zaywoah.”

In a subsequent video, Gutta alleged that Zaywoah was set up by his pregnant baby mama Kamaree. A person in the clip claimed to have seen Kamaree and Zaywoah’s killer walking together. “God please take this weight off my chest… lease bring justice for Zay,” the caption read.

Gutta’s claim is yet to be verified, but a large section of Twitter users believed him. Local news sources report that Kamaree was with Zaywoah at the time of the shooting, and she’s responsible for placing the call that alerted first responders to the scene.

Investigations are ongoing, but authorities are yet to identify a suspect. All we know is that dispatch records noted that the suspect fled in a vehicle. We will keep you updated on developments.