Dana Hill famously played Audrey Griswold in 1985 National Lampoon’s European Vacation. Hill’s appearances dropped sharply following her star turn in the comedy film. Her acting career continued, but she could only book voice roles due to declining health. Hill died in July 1996, with her final part coming in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. 

Dana Hill died after slipping into a diabetic coma and suffering a paralytic stroke

Dana Hill learned she had Type I diabetes weeks after placing third nationwide in the 880-yard run. The diagnosis halted her running career in its tracks.

Per People, Hill shunned the lifestyle changes she needed to manage the disease. “I was really mad at first… I didn’t want to accept the restrictions,” she said. However, after several hospitalizations, Hill took the disease seriously, adopting a sugar-free diet and taking medication. 

Despite her father’s protests, Hill launched her acting career in 1973, appearing in a commercial for the YMCA. Hill’s medical condition affected her growth, allowing her to play much younger characters. As a 17-year-old, she played the role of a 12-year-old molestation victim in 1981’s Fallen Angels

Unfortunately, in the mid-1980s, Hill’s health deteriorated. She reportedly suffered from depression as casting agents refused to cast her, relegating her to voice roles. Hill reportedly strayed from her strict diet and medication regimen. “She did not take as good care of herself as she could have,” Hill’s mother said. 

In May 1996, Hill slipped into a diabetic coma. A month later, she suffered a massive paralytic stroke. Hill never recovered: she died aged 32 on 15th July 1996.