When Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials was first adapted, people concluded that Philip’s work was unadaptable. Fans thought it impossible to successfully put his ideas on screen. However, BBC and HBO recently combined efforts and decided to give it another shot.

The new adaptation is experiencing better success, and season 2 has already been commissioned and filmed. Season 1 isn’t even over yet, and we are already looking forward to season 2. The last episode of season 1 will air on 22nd December 2019, and from then on, we can officially start the wait for season 2.

Keep reading to find out what we know about His Dark Materials season 2.

When will His Dark Materials season 2 premiere?

We predict that His Dark Materials season 2 will premiere sometime in 2020. The eight episodes of season 2 have already been filmed, and that puts the release date in 2020.

The show might be released early on in the year, but it might also be released during the same month as season 1. We might have to wait a whole year before we get season 2.

Hopefully, HBO and BBC choose to release it a little earlier. We will keep you updated when an official release date is announced.

What is His Dark Materials about?

His Dark Materials is a story about an orphan named Lyra Balacqua. Lyra was abandoned as a child at the Jordan College in Oxford, and she has now developed a rebellious attitude against authority. Lyra’s world isn’t much different from the world we live in, except for the individual animal companions that are a manifestation of one’s soul.

Lyra’s rebellious and adventurous nature takes her beyond Oxford to rescue her kidnapped friend Roger. The universe gives her a mysterious and ruthless mentor known as Mrs. Coulter and a device known as the alethiometer, whose sole purpose is, to tell the truth.

In 2007, The Golden Compass was released as an adaptation of The Northern Lights. The film managed to capture the message in the book, but there was a feeling that it lacked something. His Dark Materials season 1 has revealed that something as emotion.

The show has managed to retain the book’s message while creating emotional connections that keep us entertained. For instance, each character has a connection with their daemon. A person’s daemon shapeshifts for a while until it achieves a permanent state when one crosses puberty. The show expertly explores the character’s connections with their daemons.

His Dark Materials is worth the watch, especially if you were disappointed with the 2007 film.

What to expect in His Dark Materials season 2

His Dark Materials season 2 will adapt the 2nd book in the trilogy, The Subtle Knife. Like in season 1, season 2 will likely stick closely with the events in the book. However, season 1 has also successfully tinkered with the story, and the same might happen in season 2.

Asriel’s discovery about the nature of Dust will be explored in season 2, and we expect Will Parry to join Lyra in Cittagazze. The two will meet as they move between their worlds and the new worlds brought to light by Asriel. We also expect the mysterious rulers, Magisterium, to play a bigger role in season 2 than they did in season 2.

We expect most of the cast to return since the show will pick up from the end of season 1. Andrew Scott will be added to the cast, and he will play the role of Will Parry’s dad. Lewin Lloyd might not return for season 2 because his character dies at the end of Northern Lights. However, the showrunners might still save his character.