Gretel and Hansel is an American horror film based on a German fork lore tale titled Hansel and Gretel. Oz Perkins co-wrote and directed the film. Sophia Lillis and Sam Leakey portray the main characters in the film, and they star alongside actors such as Charles Babalola and Alice Krige.

The story is set in a fairy tale country, and it centers on a young girl and her little brother. It all goes wrong for the siblings as they venture into the dark woods in search of food and work. The film was released on 31st January 2020 in the United States.

Gretel and Hansel is set to be an entertaining horror film. This piece will let you in on where it will be available for streaming.

Will Gretel and Hansel come to Netflix?

It is unlikely that Gretel and Hansel will come to Netflix in the US. The film was produced by MGM’s Orion Pictures, and it will be distributed by United Arts Releasing. United Arts Releasing is a joint distribution venture between MGM and Annapurna Pictures.

Ever since the venture came to being, United Arts Releasing films rarely make it to Netflix US. However, other regions of Netflix receive United Arts Releasing films. For instance, Netflix UK has a sizable catalog of United Arts Releasing films.

Where will Gretel and Hansel be available for streaming?

The most likely streaming destination for Gretel and Hansel will be Hulu. Back in 2017, Annapurna Pictures signed a multi-year streaming deal with Hulu that would see films distributed by the company head to Hulu.

It’s unclear whether MGM adopted that deal after the merger with Annapurna, but we have seen most MGM films head to Hulu for streaming. We expect that Gretel and Hansel will also head to Hulu for streaming.

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