If you’ve watched the video of the girl who was sucker punched on live, you are probably wondering what would drive a man to such obscene levels of assault. The video, which is available on @mgoodiee’s TikTok page, shows a man sneaking up behind a lady and punching her on the face with deadly force.

You can hear the lady shriek in pain as the phone drops to the floor. The video cuts off as the man bends over to pick the phone up. The details surrounding the shocking assault are still hazy, but we will offer a bit of a background as to the reason behind it.

The lady claims that the man was high on drugs when the assault happened

In a subsequent video detailing the reason she was assaulted, the lady showed that she had a black eye. She didn’t offer accurate details, but she suggested that she might have been arguing with the perpetrator.

A TikTok video by @mcgoodiee supports this assertion. “She was in her home and he was in her house,” she says. “She let him in after a disagreement or whatever and she proceeded to talk and antagonize, irritate, and all that stuff. She was provoking him, which led to him doing that.”

In her latest live, the lady also suggested that the assaulter was high on drugs. “He is a tweeker,” she said. “He weird. He was on three different drugs. He does the meth, the percs, and the coke.”

The lady suggested that she will seek revenge against the abuser

The subsequent video doesn’t shed much light on the situation, but revenge is a dominant theme.

“Just be ready to put your hands up because motherfuckers is on that,” she says. “Motherfuckers know who you are, and motherfuckers know what you look like. My family is too big. My baby daddy’s family is too big. Motherfuckers is on that. My whole brother who’s in the pen knows what happened to me. You going to have to see somebody and your best bet is to put your gun down and your hands up.”