Ghostface Killah (real name Dennis Coles) is considered one of the godfathers of rap. His lyrical prowess set him apart from other rappers of his generation; it inspired his success as a solo artist after members of the Wu-Tang Clan split up. 

One of the most recognizable rappers worldwide, Ghostface maintained a secretive personal life, forcing people to focus on his music. 

Ghostface has been linked to several women but has never married

Ghostface Killah has never married and appears single. He’s been linked to several women but hasn’t married any of them. 

Sophia Diggs, Ghostface’s girlfriend of about three years, was erroneously called Ghostface’s wife. Diggs, RZA’s sister, and Ghostface dated for a long while, but neither acknowledged the relationship. 

In 2014, Ghostface appeared alongside his girlfriend Kelsey Nykole on Couples Therapy. It’s unclear whether they are still dating. 

Ghostface has four children, including an anonymous daughter

Ghostface has three sons – Infinite Coles, Supreme-Intelligence, and Sun God – and an anonymous daughter. Unconfirmed reports claim Sun God is Ghostface and Sophia Diggs’ son. 

Infinite, Supreme-Intelligence, and Sun have pursued entertainment careers. Sun God (real name Dennis Ames) belongs to a group dubbed 2nd Generation Wu. Supreme-Intelligence appeared alongside Ghostface and Sun God in a 2014 rap freestyle for Forbez DVD. 

Infinite Coles said Ghostface didn’t have a close relationship with his kids. He was closer to RZA than he was to Ghostface. “I’m not really close to my real dad like that – my uncle has been taking care of me as long as I can remember, so he is definitely one of my biggest inspirations,” Infinite told Crack Magazine

The entertainer discovered he could sing while performing for the Wu-Tang clan at the Wu-Tang house during Christmas. However, Infinite, who is gay, doesn’t appreciate the homophobia in their music. The homophobic slurs in Wu-Tang music widened the rift between Infinite and Ghostface. 

“The word ‘faggot’ is so prevalent in their raps,” Infinite told Nylon. “It annoyed me, and it made me feel like I was being shoved into the closet. It made me feel like Wu-Tang was talking about me.” 

Infinite and Ghostface eventually mended their relationship. “I could be so much better at storytelling if I would’ve known that about him,” Infinite said. “He’s got a talent for writing about what’s around him. He could write a dope story about a tree.”