Fraser Bohm has been charged with vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence for his involvement in an accident that killed four Pepperdine University students. The stretch of road where the crash happened is known by locals as ‘Dead Man’s Curve’. After conducting a sobriety test on Fraser at the scene, the authorities said that alcohol wasn’t believed to be a factor. 

Fraser Bohm’s wealthy parents, Chris Bohm and Brooke Bohm, gifted Fraser a BMW as part of their divorce settlement

Fraser Bohm was born to Brooke and Chris Bohm. He grew up in a wealthy household alongside his older sisters, Haiden and Hunter. 

Chris and Brooke’s divorce revealed the extent of the family’s wealth. Brooke, whose photography gig brought in virtually nothing, got a Malibu property initially valued at $9,750,000. Fraser, his sisters, and Brooke live in the house, while Chris resides in Nashville, where he works as Vice President of Sales for ReCor Medical. Realtors describe the Malibu property as follows (per The Daily Mail):

“This private estate boasts terraced gardens ideal for relaxation and expansive patios for dining and entertaining. Imagine hosting your next dinner party under the stars with this stunning coastline as your backdrop. The property is the perfect romantic getaway that will make you feel like you are on vacation every day.”

Divorce papers indicate that the family owns a $700,000 three-bedroom condo in Monterey Country Club, Palm Desert. They also reveal that Brooke’s primary income was a monthly spousal support award of over $6,000 and social security disability checks. Interestingly, the family owes $80,000 in credit card debt, per the divorce filings. 

Chris and Brooke bought Fraser the BMW he was driving during the fatal accident. Brooke paid a down payment of $25,000, and Chris cleared the balance in installments. It was a gift to Fraser for his 18th birthday.