TikTok is a place where you get lip-syncing, viral dances, and now, toilet cleaning hacks. Yes, you read that right. There is a viral toilet cleaning hack doing rounds on TikTok known as the Fabuloso toilet hack.

It is common for people to post hacks on TikTok, but most of them rarely go as viral as the Fabuloso toilet hack. Fabuloso is a common product in American homes used to clean hard surfaces. It is often used to clean stains off of toilet seats and bowls, but TikTok has found a more innovative use for Fabuloso in the toilet.

This piece will detail the Fabuloso toilet hack and the reaction it has received.

The Fabuloso toilet hack involves placing a perforated bottle of Fabuloso in a toilet water tank

Fabuloso has helped create plenty of TikTok hacks, but none has become as viral as the one popularized by @sheiskd_. In a video titled Tik Tok made me do it, sheiskd_ places a pricked bottle of Fabuloso near the bottom and rests it in one of the corners of a toilet water tank.

The video has garnered more than 33 million views so far. Sheiskd_ posted an update two days later in which the Fabuloso bottle looked pretty full. According to her, each flush releases a pleasant smell that stays in the toilet. She said in her update video:

“As you can see it’s pretty full, in the corner. It’s not floating around. It slowly releases into the water, it smells amazing every time I walk into the bathroom, and when I flush the toilet. Here’s me flushing the toilet so you can see how it works.”

Sheiskd_’s six-day update revealed that toilet water had replaced most of the Fabuloso in the bottle. However, she could still smell the scent after removing the tank lid. Sheiskd_ explained that the Fabuloso cleaning agent lasts six to seven days in the toilet water tank.

Some TikTok users have claimed that using Fabuloso in the water tank will corrode gaskets and seals faster than usual

Is the Fabuloso TikTok toilet hack safe? Well, people have divided opinions. It’s difficult to know if the people attempting to answer this question are qualified plumbers, but there seems to be a consensus that using Fabuloso will corrode gaskets and seals, leading to leaks. A user named @plumber50150 wrote:

“Heyyy plumber here. Fact, the chemicals deteriorate the rubber gaskets on tank to bowl over time and cause premature leaks. Same way I was created.”

Other users stated that using Fabuloso is damaging to the environment, waste treatment equipment, and pets. Sheiskd_ didn’t respond to comments about corrosion of toilet gaskets and seals, but she took issue with users stating that the hack put pets’ lives in danger. She stated as follows in her response to the video:

“I don’t get this comment if you have pets don’t do it. Why? Why don’t do it? Do you let your pets drink out of the toilet? I don’t. It’s nasty as hell. It’s nasty. Don’t do that. Close your lid. It’s that simple.”