F1nn5ter is a British content creator from Birmingham who gained his following playing Minecraft. He describes himself on Instagram as the ‘Most popular ‘woman’ (male) of all time’. His page is filled with photos of himself dressed as a woman and a man, which can be confusing. We’ll clarify everything. 

F1nn5ter is not gay; he is a man who enjoys cross-dressing.

F1nn5ter is not gay; he identifies as a straight male. During one of his streams, however, the gamer states that no one, himself included, is 100% straight. 

The Birmingham native is male, but he enjoys dressing in feminine clothing, as abundantly evidenced by the content on his Instagram page. F1nn5ter’s dressing got him in trouble on Twitter in early January 2023: he faced accusations of finding humor in the trauma of trans kids. @censoredialogue tweeted:

“y’all are rushing to defend a cis white boy who cross dresses at family gatherings as a ‘prank’ when there’s trans kids out there homeless rn because they genuinely came out to their family?”

The YouTuber defended himself, saying he doesn’t joke about the experiences of trans people. He apologized for trans jokes he’d made in the past and claimed he wasn’t perpetuating harmful trans stereotypes. @censoredialogue pressed him further, writing:

“jokes like ‘oh you think i’m attractive? well must like guys’ n ‘there’s a surprise/secret under my dress’ still play off the trap narrative. ur not trans, but the average cis person isn’t very discerning. u have a large platform and these jokes make a lot of trans ppl uneasy.”