WhistlinDiesel (real name: Cody Detwiler) is an American YouTuber who rose to fame for pushing pick-up trucks to the limit. He writes on his YouTube page that he doesn’t clickbait his content, that he delivers exactly what he puts on the title. A video from a week ago has the following title, I bought a new $54K Hellcat just to destroy it.

In the video, WhistlinDiesel explains that he now wants to take better care of his property, and therefore, he won’t destroy the Hellcat. It’s rather disappointing that he’s gone back on his clickbait promise, but that’s what makes his content so entertaining – you just don’t know what to expect.

This piece will look at WhistlinDiesel’s recent shooting accident, his wife, and his feud with TheStradman.

WhistlinDiesel survived accidentally shooting himself with a .50 caliber bullet


On 22nd January 2021, WhistlinDiesel posted a photo of his bloodied face on Instagram, announcing that he’d survived shooting himself in the head with a .50 caliber bullet. “Not sure how I’m alive rn,” he wrote. A .50 caliber bullet is a big round, and one of them to the head would almost guarantee death, but by some miracle, WhistlinDiesel survived.

He is probably lucky that the bullet ricocheted from steel plates 4ft away from him before hitting him. The steel plates took most of the momentum out of the bullet. Nevertheless, WhistlinDiesel almost passed out after the projectile hit him. He wrote on a follow-up post:

“You look at life a little differently when you pull the trigger of your .50 cal and your head shakes and blood starts dripping down past your eyes. I put my hand up and just felt metal sticking out and about passed out. Got a ct scan to be safe.”

You would think that WhistlinDiesel’s recent brush with death will make him swear off guns, at least for a while. However, you would be wrong. “They say my skull isn’t cracked soo… back to target practicing,” he added.

WhistlinDiesel’s wife is a car enthusiast and also runs a successful YouTube channel

WhistlinDiesel And Mrs. Whistlin

WhistlinDiesel’s wife refers to herself on Instagram as Mrs. Whistlin. Her page reveals that she is in love with three things: WhistlinDiesel, her 1997 Ford F-250, and her dog. In early December 2020, she posted a photo of WhistlinDiesel and her dog alongside the caption: “I love them.”

Mrs. Whistlin isn’t as successful as her husband on social media, but she is doing quite well on that front. She runs an automotive YouTube channel with 78.4K subscribers and has 274K followers on Instagram.

WhistlinDiesel’s beef with TheStradman reached its tipping point when WhistlinDiesel’s fans threatened TheStradman’s dog

WhistlinDiesel and TheStradman

WhistlinDiesel’s feud with TheStradman started after WhistlinDiesel ridiculed TheStradman’s affinity for wrapping his vehicles in purple. The pair’s fans took up the feud and started attacking each other on the internet. TheStradman’s fans struggled to understand why WhistlinDiesel insulted TheStradman out of the blue, while WhistlinDiesel’s fans opined that TheStradman overreacted to a bit of friendly banter.

WhistlinDiesel posted on Instagram that he had nothing personal against TheStradman. He pointed to the ‘fake beef’ he’d been having with StreetSpeed as evidence that his posts were nothing more than jokes. A month later, TheStradman criticized WhistlinDiesel for encouraging his followers to cyberbully him. On 13th October WhistlinDiesel reiterated:

“Stradman how many times do I have to tell you that nobody is after you personally and you seem like a great person?”

The feud reached its tipping point when TheStradman revealed that one of WhistlinDiesel’s fans told him that he hoped that WhistlinDiesel would run over TheStradman’s dog with his truck. TheStradman even privatized his Instagram page to block out the toxic comments. The revelation left a bad taste in the mouths of people in the car community. As Life of Palos put it, the motoring world is generally a place of peace rather than a place of hate. He said:

“We [the automotive community] can be so much better than what those particular fans are representing right now. We’re not the makeup community for crying out loud, we’re the automotive and supercar community!”