Nas Daily is an Arab-Israeli social media guru who gained fame for posting daily 1-minute Facebook videos for 1000 days. Nas’ journey took him all around the world as he recorded and posted videos about a wide range of topics, including the environment, people and their cultures, and amazing tourist destinations.

Nas (real name Nusier Yassin) currently runs a video corporation known as Nas Daily Corporation. It is a video production company that produces weekly videos.

This piece will look at Nas’ career, his motivation, and his girlfriend.

Nas quit a high paying job in New York to make videos while traveling the world

Nas Daily

Nas was born in Arraba, Israel, on 9th February 1992. He was always a smart kid, and at the age of 19, he applied for a Harvard scholarship. He believes that his essay about the trials of becoming an aerospace engineer in Israel earned him the scholarship. Nas told The Times of Israel:

“I wanted to be an aerospace engineer because I really like space. But I didn’t go to the army. And in Israel, you have to be a pilot of some sort [in order to study aerospace engineering]. It was impossible for me here.”

Nas studied computer science and economics, and after graduation, he joined the tech industry. He earned a high-paying job with Paypal affiliate Venmo. Life was good for Nas in New York as he was comfortably getting by with a $120K-per-year salary. However, one day it hit him that he’d spent one-third of his life, and he was spending the rest of it in an office. 

“It seemed like I was selling my life for money,” Nas told CNBC. “My life was worth more than $120,000 a year.” Nas decided to travel and to document his travels on Facebook. He saved up half of his salary and started his journey around the world by traveling to Kenya. Nas’ videos weren’t popular early on, and he made money by participating in freelance gigs. 

With time, Nas’ videos caught on, and he slowly built an audience. As his following grew, he became better at making videos and started exploring diverse content. One of his toughest assignments was detailing tensions between Palestinians and Israelis from his perspective. It was a sensitive video, but it turned out to be one of his best and most-watched. 

Nas’ goal is to unite people through social media. “All I’m doing is just making the videos and they’re making friends with each other,” he told Global News. “It’s amazing how much people want to meet each other. You just got to, you know, help make it happen.”

He didn’t join YouTube until 2019 because his goal wasn’t to make money

Nusier Yassin

When he started traveling, Nas’ goal was to enjoy traveling the world and not to make money. His work and content mattered to him more than the fortune he could make out of it. However, as his Facebook audience grew, he chose to make some money out of the venture. 

There was pressure on Nas to join YouTube, where he could make more money, but he maintained his focus and only joined YouTube after achieving his traveling goals. Nas told CNBC:

“The way to make good content is to care about it. I’ve seen a lot of people do things they don’t care about just to make money. I want to see the video when I’m 90 and be proud of it, not say that this is trash but I got paid for it.”

Nas and his girlfriend Alyne spent nearly a year convincing their families to accept the couple’s relationship

Nas Daily and Alyne

On day 445 of Nas’ journey around the world, he and Alyne announced that they were dating. The couple proceeded to detail the obstacles that prevented them from dating. Alyne, an Israeli native, came from a Jewish and Mormon family while Nas, a Palestinian, came from a Muslim family.

The couple also stated that in normal relationships, the man was usually older, but in their relationship, Alyne was older. Further, Alyne was still recovering from a failed marriage while Nas was ‘married’ to his work.

In a subsequent video, the couple explained why they should be together. On day 467, the couple explained:

“One. It’s practical. We both have no jobs, love to travel, and are financially independent. Even though we share the same languages, sometimes we don’t even need words.”

On day 851, the couple opened up about why their relationship almost didn’t work out. They talked about their fights, breakups, and their families’ refusal of the couple’s relationship. As the video progressed, Nas and Alyne detailed the steps they took to make their relationship a success. They said:

“In one year, we taught our families to accept us. Our past, we learnt to let go, and our differences, we for over! It’s simple, we overcame our problems by looking inwards and improving ourselves first.”

Nas and Alyne now live in Singapore and their relationship is as strong as ever.