Dhar Mann is an American YouTuber who gained fame for posting motivational content on his self-titled YouTube channel. Mann claims that he is the highest viewed inspirational content creator in the world, and it’s tough to argue with that assertion as his videos recently surpassed ten billion views.

Mann’s videos are so relatable because he bases them on personal experience. His content revolves around what most people go through in their lives. Dhar is also a successful businessman and entrepreneur with a cosmetics line known as LiveGlam.

Dhar’s crippling financial struggles inspired him to start his highly successful cosmetics company

Dhar Mann

Dhar Mann was born in 1984 in Los Angeles, California. Following a devastating breakup at the age of 19, Mann started his first marketing company. On the advice of his brother, Dhar focused his company’s efforts on real estate, earning him a fortune. Dhar employed more than 40 people, and he made more money than most of his professors.

Mann dropped out of school to focus on business, but on the urging of his family, he returned to pursue his degree. Soon after earning a degree, the real estate industry crashed taking with it Dhar’s successful business. Mann started several businesses after that, but by the age of 30, he was completely broke. He revealed on an interview with 2X eCommerce that he contemplated moving back in with his parents:

“I was living in this tiny studio apartment in Hollywood and at the point where I couldn’t even make the next month’s rent. I was about to move back in with my parents in Oakland, California, which is super embarrassing being a 30-year-old Indian man moving back in with your family. In our culture, that is the most embarrassing thing for any young man.”

Luckily, Dhar learned of a beauty influencer who made money by selling tickets to her global makeup seminars. Dhar resolved to invest in the online makeup industry. He had no prior experience with makeup or online business, but he saw potential in his idea. Dhar invested his last $600 into the business, and within a year, he’d made $8 million in revenue.

Mann’s success in the beauty industry inspired him to share his story via YouTube. He writes on his website:

“A few years ago I went from living in a 4-story Hollywood Hills mansion with 9 exotic cars to being flat broke and sleeping on a couch. After losing everything, I went on a journey of self-discovery which led me to a new path in life. A path of helping others. I now use my story as inspiration to create relatable content to help people all over the world overcome their challenges and live their best lives.”

Dhar and his celebrity fiancé Laura G recently welcomed their first child Ella Rose Mann

Dhar Mann and Laura G

Laura and Dhar met shortly after he’d started his cosmetics company. Dhar initially paired up with Instagram influencers to teach live online makeup classes. One day, Laura appeared as a model on one of the influencers’ classes. The influencer put bridal makeup on Laura, and to cap off the look, Laura donned a full wedding dress and veil.

To celebrate, the group went out for drinks with Laura still in her wedding dress. Dhar wore a white button-up shirt, causing people at the party to keep mistaking Dhar and Laura for a recently married couple. Dhar and Laura’s friendship blossomed after their ‘wedding’ night, and after a while, they became business partners.

With time, the couple’s bond became stronger, and they started a relationship. Dhar proposed to Laura during a magical trip to Paris in September 2019. Dhar and Laura keep their relationship strong by constantly traveling together. In a video posted on 4th September 2018, the couple used their relationship as a reference to explain to people why they should endeavor to travel with their partners.

In early May 2020, Dhar and Laura welcomed their first child, Ella Rose Mann. Dhar posted a labor and delivery vlog on his channel, and was clearly very excited at the prospect of raising Ella. He wrote on Medium:

“On May 1, our prayers were answered and we finally became parents! With God’s blessing we are all doing great and we are so in love with our precious baby girl. It was an emotional birth that changed our lives forever. I’m so proud of Laura’s courage and strength she had during the entire pregnancy and delivery, especially during a pandemic!”