Dre Hughes is a social media user who blew up on Instagram after a video of himself fighting with his wife went viral. In the video, Dre moves away for a moment to pick up his phone. As he does so, he starts arguing with a woman, who kicks out at him as he resumes his live video. 

The woman proceeds to threaten and assault Dre. The situation gets heated very quickly as the pregnant woman continues to assault Hughes. Dre’s verbal responses fall on deaf ears as he keeps getting hit by the woman. 

Dre Hughes seems to feud regularly with his pregnant partner Taea Jones

The situation with Dre Hughes and his baby mama Taea Jones appears complicated. From what we’ve seen on social media, they seem to feud regularly. 

Initially, people ridiculed Dre for suffering abuse at the hands of Taea. Gradually, more and more people became sympathetic to Hughes and his situation. @LeGoatKittle tweeted:

“This is Dre Hughes… a man constantly getting abused by his partner ON CAMERA. But he can’t do anything back bc he is a man and he can’t leave bc she will keep the kids away from him. Why is nobody hearing or talking about this?”

As internet sleuths keep digging into the case, it’s starting to appear that Dre isn’t as innocent as he seems. 

Screenshots shared by @amberella6996 seem to show Dre admitting to neglecting the kids he shares with Taea. “My kids I created I can make more,” Dre allegedly wrote. 

The consensus now is that Dre and Taea need help for their and the kids’ welfare. The assistance should arrive as soon as possible, considering Dre’s constant assertions that everything’s not alright in his head. His Instagram bio reads:

“I got 4 kids and a lot baggage. Lol, imma losses screw. I don’t got it all in the head so be careful when fwm.”

The last video on his Instagram page shows him dancing with a revolver in his hand.