Dale Brisby refers to himself as Joe Exotic without the rap sheet. He does share some parallels with Joe, but he is a significant improvement to the self-titled Tiger King. For one, he maintains his hair far better than Exotic ever did. Brisby is the star of Netflix’s new reality show, How to Be A Cowboy

Brisby was an internet star long before the Netflix show aired. He runs a self-titled YouTube channel where he posts episodes of his podcast Rodeo Time. Dale has earned praise for his performance on How to Be a Cowboy, with his cowboy skills and boasty personality earning plaudits from fans. 

Dale Brisby is not married. 

Dale is a confessed ladies’ man but is very secretive about his love life

Dale wastes no opportunity to brag about his prowess with women. Throughout the Netflix series and on social media, Dale talks about his ability to attract women. 

However, Dale rarely mentions names when talking about the women he’s dated.

In 2017, he joked about dating fellow celebrity Fallon Taylor. It turned out that the pair only collaborated professionally and didn’t pursue a romantic relationship.

Brisby refers to former Miss Rodeo California Kadee Coffman as his ex

Dale Brisby claims that he dated former Miss Rodeo California, Kadee Coffman. Per an episode of Rodeo Time posted in February 2021, Dale stated that he only went out with Kadee because she was interested in him.

“Following me around forever and ever,” Dale said. Dale hilariously stated that he should have ended things with Kadee after she came to their first date wearing her Miss Rodeo California sash. 

Dale’s Kadee Coffman story seems like just another one of his made up relationship stories. It’s Dale typically poking fun at fan rumors. “That’s Kadee; That’s my ex,” Dale said. “Great girl though. Great girl.” 

Kadee Coffman is married to Elliot Blair.